The beauty of life is the ups and downs; adversities and happiness
Twists and turns; adventures, uncertainties and challenges

Serenity and equilibrium; maintaining balance is the key!
When facing challenges; stand strong, like a beautiful tree
Everything depends on the perspective that we choose to see

Open mind resulting open heart and inner peace
Improving our emotional intelligence and core values increase

Patience and serenity; the branches of gentleness
Staying calm makes it easier to shine our lights, increasing its brightness
Calmness is another way of conquering the darkness

Keep shining your light so brightly beautiful! 😍


17 thoughts on “Serenity

  1. Lovely piece, Beautifully written
    On another note 📝… Congratulations!!!💜💜💜
    I have nominated for a Sunshine Blogger Award. Check out the link on my Blog.
    InHisCare 🙏

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    1. W♡W! You are so sooo sweet! You are brilliant and lovely. I am deeply touched by your kindness. Thanks very much.

      Have a beautiful day, as beautiful as you are!
      Lots of love. 💖

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