Caring Hearts


A heart full of love, alleviating the p*in of others
Sincere and generous efforts, undivided attention

Empathising with others, knowing you’re feeling blue
With all these p*in and b*rdens, caring hearts will be there for you
Compassionate; your biggest supporter, that’s what they’ll do

A good listener, patient and understanding
What’s more important is your healing
Seeing you happy is rewarding

We live in this world, with the existence of darkness; bitt*rn*ss, cha*s, h*tr*d
On the other hand, there’s also light; beautiful gentle souls and kind-hearted
All we need in this world is the sweetness of love, compassion and humanity united

Although I have done it before on my previous posts, my apologies, I am so sorry, I have reached my limit. Honestly, I do not really like to think about, and see a lot of negativ* tox*c words on my blog. However, sometimes I need to use these words. (**Kindly leave us alone ev*l darkness please, hhmm…**)


17 thoughts on “Caring Hearts

  1. That’s a clever way of using those d*rk words without really seeing the d*rkn*ss in its entirety. Very good! Yes, you are so right: “All we need in this world is the sweetness of love, compassion and humanity united” – – – and it begins right here with you and me! ❤ ❤

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    1. I have realised long time ago, that the more we think about those d*rk words, the more it will drag us to the depths of d*rkn*ss. It’s normal to make mistakes in life, but it’s easier to bounce back when we focus on the light.

      You are brilliantly amazing! Thanks very much for your beautiful words. Have a wonderful weekend! Lots of love. 💖

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  2. I understand how you feel dear Christine and I share the same feelings. It does not mean that we don’t see the suffering and the pain, and the injustice. I also strive to have an inspirational blog and sometimes I feel the strong urge to also share some things that the world needs to become aware that are happening and we cannot close our eyes to it. However, our intent is to strengthen the Light, to give power to the Light and Love, to remain focused on what we want to give energy to, and yet we remain alert with eyes wide opened. Our consciousness rising will have an impact on others, and we are creating waves of love which is what our planet and humanity need. That’s the beauty of having like-minded people to support our efforts especially when we reach our limits.
    You are doing a wonderful job working for the Light! In Oneness, Amira ❤

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    1. You are truly remarkable Amira. Words cannot express how grateful I am to have a sweet friend like you. A heartfelt thank you for your support, an endless gratitude. I am so touched by your beautiful words of love. You are the best! Indeed, we care deeply about our planet and humanity. Although it’s truly s*ddening to think about all these ch*os in our world, in spite of it all, life is beautiful no matter what. We must keep on radiating love, light and joy.

      You are so sooo sweet! I am so lucky to have you in my life. Thank you for your guidance, inspiration and for being the reason I am smiling. My world is brighter because of you. Thank you. Yipee! In oneness. 😁

      >>big and tight hug<<
      Lots of love and dazzling light 💖

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  3. Once again you make my heart glad to read your words. Your writing is simply beautiful and how powerfully true what you speak is!

    Love, compassion and empathy are all traits we need more of in this world. Far too often people are hurting and everyone walks them on by, furthering the loneliness they feel inside. With a heart like yours, the world changes for the better. You are very special and I am glad you are here!!

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    1. You are brilliantly marvellous, kind and lovely. A heart of gold and beautiful soul. You are a shining star! I am very thankful I met you here. You are simply amazing!

      Indeed, we need more caring hearts and healers in our world. Sweet, loving and caring hearts like you. L♡VE is all we need.

      I am overwhelmed with gratitude. I am touched by your sweetness and kindness. Thanks very much from the bottom of my heart.

      Have a fabulous day beautiful!
      Lots of love 💖

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  4. You are so right! Thank you for this beautiful post. The more we focus on the Light the more it will Shine! Wishing you the best blessings.

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