Seeds of L♡VE


To prevent the darkness to win
We all must start from within

In our hearts, let’s all plant love seeds
Seeds that will grow into good deeds

Love maintains our heart’s softness
Love will keep our light’s brightness

To live with love, respect and caring for others expels hatred
The power to unite us all, a great impact, widespread!

The happiness and tranquillity that we’re all seeking
Kindness and love, the ultimate solutions to everything


18 thoughts on “Seeds of L♡VE

  1. Oh my! I have met my kindred spirit! Thanks for visiting JanBeek’s Loving One Another blog and clicking on the “like” button so I could discover you! Your blog is right up my alley. I ❤️ it! I’ll 🐝 back!

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  2. Thank you Capabalanca, it is always good to meet heartwarming people like you, who believe in the power of love and light and I love your senses of creative writing. Stay blessed and keep up with the good work.

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    1. Oh! I am deeply touched. You are so sooo sweet, lovely and kind. I am grateful I met you. I am overwhelmed with gratitude and happiness. Thank you for your beautiful comment. Have an amazing day gorgeous! Lots of love and dazzling light. 💖


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