Sweet Vocabulary

“Even if I try my very best to constantly improve myself, I will never become perfect. I have no right to judge anyone negatively.” ~ C. Capablanca

Words are extremely powerful; the words that we speak or write can either brighten, or ruin someone’s day. It is always better to be kind to everyone around us:

Accentuate someone’s strengths, rather than their weaknesses

Emphasise someone’s beauty, rather than their flaws (by the way, flaws are also part of being beautiful)

Highlight someone’s achievements, rather than their downfalls

Focus on someone’s light, rather than their dark sides

See things beyond the surface, rather than jumping to conclusions and being judgemental

As much as possible, even in the midst of disagreements, always choose to speak words that are meaningful and uplifting to others

Have a beautiful day, just as beautiful as you are! 😍


19 thoughts on “Sweet Vocabulary

    1. Unfortunately, that’s true, and there is always a reason why some people are horrible. All they need is love and kindness. You are very kind and lovely. Thank you beautiful! 😁

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      1. You just made my day! I’ve been really struggling recently but people like you who reach out and support others are worthy of love in unimaginable amounts! It’s a sad world how some people make others feel so little just to make themselves feel better x

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      2. Oh! You’ve made my day as well! You are so soooo sweet! I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Thank you.

        Always remember, you are enough, more than enough! You are beautiful, brilliant and phenomenal! You have greatness within you. Lots of love ♡

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  1. Loved your quote! You’re absolutely right, it’s all about perspective; words are truly powerful! Nicely said! #SpeakLife!

    Have a beautiful day, just as beautiful as you are! Blessings!

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  2. This message hits home from a far off universe! Incredible post, not to mention, an important message that’s needed to be addressed.

    These posts are always helping me becoming the best version of myself. You’re the reason why I’m starting to grow into a positive person. Thank you as always friend!

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    1. You are the sweetest! Sweetest angel on Earth. I love the way you’ve said it, “from a far off universe” 😁

      You’re the reason why I’m smiling now. You’ve made my day! I’ll be smiling all day because of you. I’m learning a lot from you. All your posts are inspirational and motivational. I am grateful to have a friend like you.

      Thanks very much my sweet brilliant friend Lionheart. Lots of love and dazzling light. 💖

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