Hi! Gorgeous 😁

Life is so beautiful and bright
Let’s focus on the brilliant light
Everything is going to be all right

Spread your wings and fly away
Have fun! Enjoy this day and play
Today is a lovely beautiful day

Beautiful day, as beautiful as you!
You are awesome in everything you do
When I see you smile, I am smiling too

You are remarkably astounding
Always brilliantly stunning
Splendid and simply amazing!

I can sense you are smiling now… Aha! Cutie pie! 😍

Your cute stunning smile, makes my day complete
Makes my heart so happy every single heartbeat

Your happiness is my happiness
Have a wonderful day gorgeous! 😁


19 thoughts on “Hi! Gorgeous 😁

    1. Oh! You are the sweetest! You are brilliantly amazing. You’ve made my day. I am so happy! Thanks very much for your beautiful smile lovely Amira. Keep on smiling. Lots of love. 💖


  1. I loved the poem, beautiful; it made me smile 🙂 We all need positivity like the words that radiated fromthis poem; thank for spreading kindness and love. If only everyone was kind. Imagine how better the world would be. You are making a difference. Take care, my friend

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    1. You are so sooo sweet! You are very kind and marvellous. Oh! I am so touched by your beautiful kind words. I really appreciate it. You’ve made my day. Keep on smiling gorgeous. I am so happy! 😁

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  2. Of course it made me smile! Everyone loves a compliment, you know. I’m reminded that “It takes on to know one.” Keep that in mind, Gorgeous Lovely You! 🤪❤️🥰

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    1. Stunningly beautiful smile! You are awesome. Keep on smiling beautiful. Yipee! I am so happy! 😁

      I really appreciate your kind words. You are gorgeous and lovely. Thank you.

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  3. Thank you, for making my afternoon splendid! This post is astoundingly rich and refreshing to my smile and heart. 😀

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    1. Yipee! I am so sooo happy! I am glad to know that you are smiling. Keep that lovely smile please. Thank you handsome. 😁

      Actually, I have written this simple post for the World Kindness Day few days ago, but anyway, every single day should be Kindness Day.

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  4. You do make me smile! 🙂

    What a pure joy you are to this world. You make even the darkest days bright again. God bless you for sharing such love everywhere you touch!

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    1. Yipee! Keep on smiling beautiful. You are stunningly awesome! You are the sunshine that makes my day. I am so happy to know that you are smiling. Thanks very much. Bountiful blessings. Lots of love. 💖

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