A Forgiving Heart


Sometimes unpleasant situation is unavoidable
Misunderstanding and mistakes are inevitable

When others are hypercritical, you don’t attack
Seeing the entirety; gentleness, that’s how you respond back

Focusing on the good, instead of the bad
Your heart is full of love, and can’t stay mad

Knowing you’re imperfect as well, that’s how you understand
A light encapsulated in your heart, holding it firmly, taking a stand!

A forgiving heart is calm when under pressure
Letting go of the mistakes; forgiveness and love, that’s how you measure

Kindness: Unkind People
Kindness: Heart and Soul


17 thoughts on “A Forgiving Heart

    1. You are so lovely and wonderful! Thank you.

      Global Kindness Day, something new again for me. It makes me realise I do not know anything at all. I keep learning new things from you. I really can’t thank you enough.

      Thanks very much my beautiful friend Amira. I appreciate all your kind words, guidance and light. You are simply amazing! Lots of love. 💖


      1. Oh dear beautiful friend, we are all learning all the time from each other, and this is the beauty of life, the learning never ends, and this makes it so very interesting! 🙂 Sending love and light your way, Amira ❤

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  1. Thanks for the artistic words. It’s easy to forget the kindness sometimes when wrapped up in a present moment. Taking steps backward can be just as hard as taking steps forward

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    1. Indeed, kindness is always the solution. All we need in this world is the sweetness of love and kindness.

      You are brilliantly marvellous and wonderful. Thanks very much for the beautiful words. Lots of love. 💖

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  2. A blessing you are indeed! Kindness is something that we must all work on, not to mention forgiving those who makes us angry at times.

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    1. You are always sweet and kind. Thanks very much for the beautiful words. Indeed, there is no any other solution, only kindness and sweetness. Thank you.


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