Sweet Deep Soul


Deep thoughts, meaning and truth seekers
Feel deeply; light and goodness believers

Think, talk, act positively and cheerfully
Joyful, optimistic and smile peacefully

Spreading kindness everywhere you go
Allowing your light to radiate and glow

Seeing the beauty in everyone and everything
Sweetness is what you’re constantly expressing

Sometimes, you may experience a bad day, you can easily recover
Forgiving, peaceful and calm nature; you see the bigger picture

Appreciative and always grateful
Because life is brilliantly beautiful

A gentle kind soul; radiating positive energies and L♡VE 😁


12 thoughts on “Sweet Deep Soul

  1. Need a breath of fresh air? Visit thelightinme. Guaranteed to relieve symptoms of funk! You are a gentle kind soul; radiating positive energies and L♡VE 😁 Thank you! (PS, does the C in your first name initial stand for Claudia?)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The beautiful brilliant JanBeek is here! Woohoo! 😁 You are a lovely kind soul, radiating positive energies and sweet overflowing love!

      I love visiting your blog as well, and reading your wonderful posts full of happiness and joy.

      Claudia is a gorgeous adorable name
      My name is Christine Capablanca 😁

      Thanks very much
      Lots of love 💖

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