Beautiful Heart & Soul


A soul with genuine intentions
Kind deeds, the heart’s core foundation
A heart full of love, give without expectations
Others’ happiness is an inspiration

When others are unkind, you are forgiving
Understanding that it’s their pain bleeding
Through their actions, they are lamenting
Empathy and love; all they are seeking

Although you’re imperfect, at times you may encounter darkness
The radiance of your soul knows no any other way to address
Beauty and light; is all you know and what you express
Relentless faith in humanity, love and kindness




9 thoughts on “Beautiful Heart & Soul

  1. Wow, you are incredibly talented and your heart shines through in each and every word you’ve written. Very unique and I value that so much. You’re an inspiration, keep it up!

    I love this by the way, “Understanding that it’s their pain bleeding
    Through their actions, they are lamenting”

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    1. You are so lovely and kind. You’re awesome! You’ve made my day! I appreciate your sweet kind words. It means a lot to me. Thanks very much indeed. Lots of love. 💖


      1. Lots of love in return, because I could echo those very same words to you as well.

        It warms my heart to hear that I made your day, truly. Thank you so very much.

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