Sweet Dazzling Light πŸ’–

The battle between rectitude and infamy

Disfavour against the belligerent darkness

Dodging all these brutality

Ruthlessness and wickedness

Severance and chaos

Unscrupulous manipulations

Magnificent dazzling light

The seekers of truth

Living in veracity and sagacity

A strength that can’t be denied

Bravery is engraved in our souls

We don’t need a weapon

We are the weapon!

You’ll never see us fall apart!

Back down, quit and crumble!

Standing our ground persistently!

Remaining intact, fighting a good fight!

No retreat! No surrender!

We are indestructible fighters!

Relentless, fearless warriors!

Our lights are powerful beyond measure

Kindness is our strength

Love is our superpower

Our obstinate sweetness…

A sweetness that will soften your harshness

Until you can’t fight anymore!

For in the end…

Light will always prevail over darkness!


13 thoughts on “Sweet Dazzling Light πŸ’–

  1. β€œThe seekers of truth, Living in veracity and sagacity; A strength that can’t be denied. Bravery is engraved in our souls, We don’t need a weapon; We are the weapon! Kindness is our strength, Love is our superpower; For in the end…
    Light will always prevail over darkness!” Yes, yes, yes! #LOVED IT!

    Superbly written, from start to finish; my heart resonated with every word! I have not used the save button for a post, this will be my first! BLESSINGS!

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    1. Good people like you are God’s reminder that there are angels who walk this earth. You are really sweet! It means a lot to me. A big thanks to you. I look up to you. Thank you for inspiring me to write my poems. I am currently on the journey of exploration. I don’t know where it will take me. #novicepoet 😁

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      1. Kind of you to say, and glad that I can be a source of inspiration. It’s means I’m fulfilling what I’ve been called to do!

        I know where the journey will take you, into a deeper exploration of your heart. Where no vice will define the poetry, the sweet dazzling light within! Blessings!

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      2. Thanks for guiding me. I really appreciate it. If this journey will help me open up my heart, then it’s going to be a bumpy road (all my flaws and awkwardness, oopps! πŸ˜…). Thank you. May God bless you always.

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  2. “We don’t need a weapon

    We are the weapon!”

    I’ll engrave these words in my heart. This whole poem of yours speaks a godly truth that everyone needs to know. Thank you for shining your infinite light on me! πŸ˜€ This week has been rather rough, and I could always use your positive vibes to get through the week.

    Keep spreading the word around those who need it! You’re definitely a lifesaver and angel to this world! πŸ™‚ God bless you, my friend!

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    1. Your sweet comment means a lot to me. You have just made my day. Thank you for making me smile. Well then, if you think I am an angel, that means you are an angel as well. You have been a great help to me. All your motivational posts, I will never forget about the blue pill and the red pill (The Matrix) hahaha! πŸ˜πŸ˜‚

      May God bless you and protect you always. Thank you my dear friend Lionheart.

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  3. Our journey takes us on a ride. Up and downs. I have been on many. Till I came to know God I did not know how good life can be.
    Journey from the darkness into the light. We can soon learn Gods wisdom and life.

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    1. I really love your comment! ❀
      You’re awesome! Simply amazing!
      I completely agree with you. God will always be there for us. He loves all of us unconditionally. May God bless you and protect you always.


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