Kindness: Heart and Soul


Be kind, even when they are unkind to you

Be polite, even when they are rude to you

Be fair, even when they treat you unfairly

Be forgiving, even when they keep on hurting you

Be helpful, even if there is no one to help you

Be genuine, even if they do not appreciate your sincerity

Keep on spreading love, even if you do not get it back

Smile, to all those people who make fun of you, spread rumours about you, and being judgemental, do not worry about them. Even if you try to explain yourself, they will never understand

Do not change according to the behaviour of others. Be as sweetest as you can be! Always remember; it is not between you and others, it is between you and God. No matter how people mistreat you, everywhere you go, God can see the goodness in your heart and soul.


6 thoughts on “Kindness: Heart and Soul

  1. Wonderful advice! That’s the same way I treat others, it’s not about pleasing them; but our Heavenly Father! He sees the goodness within, the love within our heart and soul!


    1. Even though I do not know you well enough, and even though I may never meet you, I know… I can sense you are a kind-hearted true gentleman. You are always nice, and you treat everyone with respect. Hats off to you! 😊 Although, most people undervalue kindness, I believe kindness is a sign of strength.

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      1. A sign of strength indeed! Thank you for your kind words! The Bible says to be Christ like, that’s the destination; my heart will forever stay the course! Blessings to you! 🙏🏽

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